About Us

Poe Advertising, Inc has been in business since 1981 and specializes in retail advertising; particularly the Home Furnishings category.  Our media of choice is television with the support of radio.

Over the years Poe has represented clients in numerous markets across the country.  Poe clients have generally grown and developed to be the dominant advertiser in their category.  Our clients have achieved this dominance through commitment, consistency and repetition of their marketing message.

The role of Poe Advertising is to create, prepare and execute marketing plans to support our clients in achieving their goals.  Most often the client goals have been to achieve bottom line results, name recognition and a positive image to allow them to break through the advertising clutter that has become a reality for most retail advertisers.

Poe Advertising has years of retail advertising experience.  We have the creative talents, digital video graphic and audio production studios, media buying experience, and most importantly the desire to create and execute successful marketing programs.